A Full Stack FinTech Digital Marketing Agency

We leverage best in class technology to rapidly grow user base, awareness and assets for Fintechs, B2B SaaS, Asset Managers, and Crypto Projects

Track the realtime sentiment of twitter… reddit… stocks… crypto…

Trend Setter

The world’s first news and social based marketing platform for stocks and crypto.

Taking Out The Guesswork

Listen to trends that matter and adapt with the market.


Automate your budget allocation based on real time trends.

Leverage Big Data

Use machine learning to predict the best outcome for your marketing spend.

The Result: Increased customer engagement at the right time, budget efficiency, brand awareness and sales.

machine learning
artificial intelligence
supply chain
marketing automation
sentiment analysis


  • Google Ads

  • Hubspot

  • Twitter

  • Google News

  • Reddit

  • Salesforce

  • Coinbase

  • Bloomberg