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This is a testing page…. he below terms of service (these “Terms”), apply to marketing, consulting, content creation, and other services provided by Defiance Analytics LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“Defiance”) to any client (“Client”) pursuant to any proposal, order, statement of work, or other description of services that references these Terms. Any of the foregoing documents describing services to be provided by Defiance to Client (“Services”) and compensation to be paid to Defiance for such Services is hereinafter referred to as a “Service Statement” and references below to “this Agreement” refer to an agreement (in each case) between Defiance and Client that includes the provisions of such a Service Statement as well as these Terms, as incorporated into the Service Statement by reference. In addition, Defiance and Client are each referred to below individually as a “Party” and collectively as the “Parties”.s, samples, products, images, logos, data, or other material provided by Client to Defiance or any Third Party Service Provider in connection with the Services and (ii) “Intellectual Property Rights” means all trade secrets, trademarks, service marks, domain names, copyrights, patents, database rights, and other rights in intellectual or intangible property.