Fintech Marketing Automation Platform

Stay ahead of the market with our powerful trend analysis and automation software

We can help you manage trends be adaptive automate

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Trend Setter

The world first news and social based marketing platform for stocks and crypto. Get the pulse of what people are saying then act or automate a response.

Taking Out The Guesswork

You can’t predict what your prospects want when they want it. Defiance Analytics listens to trends that matter and adapts with the market — giving you a better marketing ROI than ever before.


Automate your budget allocation based on real time trends.
  • Automatically adjust to changing market conditions
  • Spend more time on strategy and less on execution.

Marketing Finance

  • Get data-driven insights on what is influencing your customers.
  • Effective, data-driven customer engagement for maximum conversion rates.
  • Increase ROI by narrowing down to the right events that are relevant to your customer base.

The Result: increased customer engagement at the right time, budget efficiency, brand awareness and sales.




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  • Hubspot

  • Twitter

  • Google News

  • LinkedIn

  • Reddit